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Madix Upright Extensions

Three pieces are required for extending an existing Store Shelving system. 

The first piece is the actual upright extender poles, the second is the extended back boards, and the third is what is known as the splicer spanner to connect the existing back board to the extension back boards.

Unit with internal upright connector inserts easily into top of shelving section Upright, set screws expand connector, solidly aligning assembly. Order one Center Spanner (SC) for 6" thru 36" and two for 48" or larger.

Maximum weight is 200 lb. when loaded one side only.

Extensions end covers are sold seperately

Four foot and three foot splicer spanners required to join backboards.

Lozier Extension Uprights

Compatible with Lozier wall and gondola 4' or 3' wide shelving systems.

Lozier Extension Uprights are used to extend the height of existing gondola island and wall shelving systems. 

 Along with the extension uprights, backs and a splicer spanner is required to successfully extend Lozier gondola and wall shelving systems. 

Factory installer connector to fit existing Lozier uprights.


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